While searching for a business name, we finally decided on the literal translation of our last name- Riggenbach.  Our business is run by a mother-daughter team from our home studio, which sadly is not located by a winding brook or even a rippling stream.

The business is primarily run by Lily, an avid seamstress who has been sewing non-stop for over 13 years.  She has been running WBS for 5 years and has gained a wide variety of alterations experience and has honed her custom-fitting skills through multiple weddings and formals.  Her latest venture in the WBS business family is her online Etsy shop selling vintage-inspired children's apparel, Mode de Lis.

Her hobbies are researching fashion history, making meticulous historical clothing, traveling extensively, dabbling in papercrafting, and being entirely too optimistic about her ability to follow through with her self-imposed schedule.  Follow her blog at Mode-de-Lis.blogspot.com

Karen fills in part-time while Lily is on one of her travels or has bitten off more than she can chew!  She has been sewing for almost 40 years and originally trained Lily in sewing.  She enjoys sewing clothing for herself and her family in her free time.

Karen and Lily both have a passion for sewing- as evidenced by their penchant for making all their clothing and devoting an entire room of the house exclusively to sewing. :-)  They are both detail-oriented perfectionists- which can be frustrating to them, but is a benefit to clients!

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